Thursday, August 8, 2013

Will You Collaborate With Other Organizations to Prove the Existence of Sasquatch?

Bigfoot/Sasquatch researchers are so fragmented these days.  Most are critical of other's reported evidence.  There are often flame wars over certain things.  Actions of others also discredit the research.

Methods of research are often questioned by science and skeptics.  Video analysis and interviews provide some insight but how valuable is it all?  Each day seems to bring less value to the Sasquatch research community.

As of this writing there are few organizations that bring together real researchers who are capable of turning a critical eye to the evidence to determine its authenticity.  So much that is not understood in the wilderness is attributed to Sasquatch. So many groups claim to have exclusive access to areas that Sasquatch frequent but how can this be true for every one of those claims?

As a research community it is time to standardize our evidence collection procedures. It is time to find the best evidence and put it together with a critical eye toward recording and reporting this evidence.

With that in mind I have created and published a website so we can begin the process of establishing guidelines for evidence collection.  This will include footprint,  hair and scat collection. There will likely also be rules on collecting evidence from nests, and Bigfoot structures.  The site also has galleries set up for member access in order to evaluate the provided evidence.  Often photographic and video evidence is questionable on the outset which is why it is important to get multiple opinions on it. Please keep in mind that this site is new and has yet to create it's evidence collection rules as this is based upon membership collaboration.

Check it out at Bigfoot Research Collaboration for Science

Now for a question:  Would you be willing to join this site and help determine rules for evidence collection and analysis for reported evidence? Please comment with your answers below.

Keep in mind that ownership of evidence is retained but such evidence may be included in certain reports for authenticity and other research reporting pertaining to the existence of Sasquatch/Bigfoot.