Thursday, May 10, 2012

The many names of Bigfoot

I was researching further proof of Bigfoot, aka. Sasquatch and compiled a list of names used for Sasquatch.  The first list is from western North America. The second list is from countries Worldwide.

I am interested in the Northwest North American Names just for the facts of the story they tell with their meanings.  Take a look:
Wild Man of the Woods, Night people, Dangerous Being (likely can be dangerous).  These are all traits of Bigfoot. I am not sure about Cannibal Monster as none are reported to be cannibalistic in nature.

How about Giant? The Five Brothers refers to a legend of large hairy humanoids inhabiting certain mountains. Wild man, Wild Man of the Woods, my personal fave: Tall, hairy, smells like burnt hair, One who runs and hides. Stick Indians may refer to Sasquatch as it is popularly believed that they make habitations from sticks and trees and are also thought to leave stick structures. Devil of the forest, Evil god of the woods, Owl Woman, Spirit hidden under cover of woods, Wild Indians, The Frightener. 

I find it interesting that all these tribes have the same name for the same relative creature even if in their own mythology.  Each one  describes the creature called Bigfoot.  In addition to the Northwest Tribes of North America, there are also creatures from other countries described as being much like Bigfoot Sasquatch.

The same creatures exist on different continents according to legends across the globe. Science would have us believe that is a social phenomena related to how we believe in haunting.  I find this hard to believe since we are talking of the same creature described everywhere.   Common sense says, "That is more possible than many theories being tossed around today." Besides, I do not hunt social phenomena or myths.  I search for real creatures.

Keep in mind the lists here are incomplete and are meant to represent examples.  As promised, the entire list of Northwest North American names. Non-North America names are below the jump.

Northwest North America Native Names
Name, Meaning, Tribe
At’at’ahila, Not known, Chinookan
Bogs, Not known, Bella Coola
Buck’was, Wild Man of the Woods, Kwakiut
C’amek’wes, Not known, Lummi
Choanito, Night people, Wenatchee
El-Ish-ka,s Not known, Makah
Hecaitomixw, Dangerous Being, Quinault
Itssuruqai, Cannibal monster, Shasta
Kala’litabiqw, Not known, Skagit Valley
Madukarahat, Giant, Karok
Omah, Not known, Yurok
Qui-yihahs, The five brothers, Yakima/Klickitat
Sasahevas, Wild man, Chehalis
Sasahevas, Wild man of the woods, Salish
Sc’wen’ey’ti, Tall, hairy, smells like burnt Hair, Spokane
See’atco, One who runs and hides, Coast Salish
Sesquac, Wild man of the woods Coast, Salish
Skanicum, Stick Indians, Colville
Skukum, Devil of the forest, Quinault
Skookum, Evil God of the woods, Chinook
Sne Nah, Owl Woman, Okanogan
Steta’l,  Spirit Spear, Puyallup and Nisqually tribes
Ste ye mah, Spirit hidden under cover of woods, Yakima
Tsialko, Wild Indians, Puyallup and Nisqually
Yayaya-ash, The Frightener, Klamath

Non-North American Countries
Name Country.Region
Almas, Mongolia & Russia
Biabin-guli, Europe
Barmanou, Afghanistan and Pakistan
Barmanus, NW Pakistan
Brenin llwyd, Europe
Chemosit, Africa
Chuchunaa, Siberia
Ebu Gogo Flores Islands of Indonesia
Firla Mohir, Europe
Gin-sung, Asia
Grendel, Europe
Higabon, Japan
Kaptar, Russia
Kikomba, Africa
Maricoxi, South America
Mapinguar, Brazil & Bolivia
Mecheny, Asia
Mirygdy, Asia
Ngoloko, Africa
Nguoi Rung, Vietnam
Nyalmo, Himalayas
Tano, giant, Africa
Teh-lma, Tibet
Ucumar, Latin America
Woodwose, Medieval Europe
Yeren, China
Yeti (or Meh-teh), Tibet
Yowie, Australia


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