Sunday, March 17, 2013

Bigfoot Tonight Show

I had the opportunity to share my encounters with The Bigfoot Tonight internet radio show.

Thanks to Chuck Prahl and Stacy Brown for being excellent hosts and carrying the show when I halted.  While I am not used to speaking publicly, I will practice as I will likely need to appear again and possibly other places.

For information on the radio show please visit:

Bigfoot Tonight Show

Monday, March 4, 2013

Offering Experience to The Falcon Project

Since I am moving back to the northwest I am offering my experience as a hunter to the Falcon Project put together by William Barnes and Jason Valenti.

I know that I can be of assistance there as I am experienced at high altitude hunts and I do search nocturnally.  Catching glimpses of Sasquatch outside the forest canopy will be difficult since they do hide and stay withing the canopy when humans are nearby.

It is my sole intention to assist in documenting the existence of Sasquatch so they may be a protected species.  I say protected but not endangered since it is my belief they likely number in the thousands in North America.

Wish me  luck in being accepted.