Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Latest Mission BC Bigfoot Videos

In a hunter's analysis of the video posting a reported Bigfoot near Mission British Columbia I find the idea runs flat. Check the actual video here at the Sun Mission BC Bigfoot article. This creature is a biped that comes out, toward a tree and turns around going downhill into the trees. It moves very human-like and slower than a 7 to 10 foot creature should. Of course the distance is an issue and there is the fact that this video was taken by a couple that was hiking.  I take it they are anonymous because there are no names. There has also been a recent Bigfoot marketing drive that discredits almost anything coming from the area.  Someone had even been reported running around in a fake Bigfoot suit. The latest video may just be the same person(s) hoaxing again. It's motion also has little purpose from what we can see. Sasquatch usually know the direction they're going and keep going that way rather than move back and forth or change direction they way this one did. They seem to be creatures of purpose rather than the one seen in the video. See Parabreakdown;s take on the Japanese tourist Bigfoot video for his take on that video and the Mission BC geocaching ploy with a cute snip at the end showing the lengths they are using. 

The Japanese tourist Bigfoot video from Mission BC was actually a bear defecating. In my own experience the odd posture was just a bear squatting at the beginning.  When it started scratching it looks almost like an arm tearing at the foliage but was actually a bear scratching the ground much the way a dog would.  Front paw to back paw with a more sideways kick. That sideways angle made it appear as if it were an arm flinging front to back.  If you look closely you can see the shape of a bear. I believe the tearing at the ground was likely territorial as a warning. They will rip at the ground when annoyed or threatened. There are many bear in the area and they often do not pay attention to tourists at rest stops or campgrounds.   I would be pretty annoyed if a busload of tourists were watching me defecate in the woods and one or two were actually coming closer as may have been the case. There was also too much silence in the video which indicated that most everyone knew what they were seeing. If it were Sasquatch we would be hearing a lot of gasps or noises of surprise. Besides a Sasquatch would know who was there and a bear wouldn't care.

While the Japanese tourist video says Sasquatch,  I say Bearsquat! The latest Mission video? I say nifty suit but not believable yet.  Give me DNA and/or footprints to go with the video. Until then it's a blobsquatch that may or may not be human but likely is.