Friday, September 6, 2013

Bigfoot Vocalizations Need Re-Thinking

These reported vocalizations were posted on BigfootEvidence.

I cannot agree that this is Bigfoot making noise.  There is so much out there that makes noise. There is no way to know the noise does not belong to someone else.  Keep reading after the video and perhaps you'll see what I mean.

I believe this might be a bear. While I'm not sure of where this video was taken the sounds can be that of another animal. Animal sounds are not always like all the recorded sounds you can find on the internet or on TV. The Problem is that animals can make such a wide range of noises that it is impossible to tell what made the vocalization without seeing it or knowing a specific animal is or was in the area. As for Bigfoot making a sound?

Creatures that need to hide are not going to vocalize knowing there are humans in or around their territory. Most supposed Bigfoot vocalizations can easily be attributed to something else. The only time I believe one might vocalize is as a warning. I am not saying whether or not Bigfoot vocalize but it seems that an intelligent species bent on avoiding humans is not going to make a peep knowing that people are around.