Friday, April 15, 2016

Opinion: Patty's Motion vs. Humans

ThinkerThunker has a video reporting that Patty from the Patterson/Gimlin film has a higher shin rise angle than humans.  

When humans walk on a level surface, they have a 52 degree shin rise where Patty has a 73 degree shin rise.  While I don't doubt the measurements I do doubt the conclusion.

Here is ThinkerThunker's comparison video showing the shin rise of Patty versus humans:

He seems to be missing the fact that all of his human subjects are walking on a flat level surface whereas Patty, is not.  She is traversing an area littered with debris which requires greater clearance to walk through.  When I walk off trail I have to raise my shins and knees much higher for my feet to clear the forest undergrowth. This is more than 73 degrees.  Patty is about 2  to 2 1/2 feet taller than I am so it stands to reason she would have greater clearance. She would need a lesser angle than I would.

This next video is a little long in making the point but it compares an actor attempting to mimic Patty's motion.

They use an actor to mimic Patty's walk for a comparison. Since Patty was spotted in a creek bed she would have been moving up an incline to reach the treeline.  As humans we have to lean forward when traveling up an incline so why wouldn't Patty?

Yet again our actor in the second video is on a level surface.  It looks uncomfortable and odd. I think you can see why but Patty is on a sand/gravel bar littered with storm debris. She would have to raise her shins higher to clear the debris.  We cannot see what's on the other side of the bar so we can't say what we should be seeing.  We can't see her feet when she puts her weight on them as she is walking along. To me it means the view is obstructed by the sand/gravel bar making me wonder how they know the area is clear in front of her.

On the other side of this coin a creature that walks in the forest all the time would probably have a higher shin rise than humans who make flat surfaces for walking. The leaning I can't explain beyond the difference of an incline versus a level surface.

In my opinion both comparisons are invalid.  The only thing they both show is that the humans are on a flat level surface and Patty is not.

Friday, September 6, 2013

D.L. Soucy and the Hunting Blind Theory.

D.L. Soucy seems to have trouble explaining how the West Oxford Structure came to be.  This is a basic survival shelter as taught in Boy's Life: 

The Post I am referring to is on Bigfootevidence.  Here's the video:

I don't see how any of it can be Bigfoot related.  It is a fallen tree structure located and positioned for hunting.  It's plain to see the abundance of dead leaves on the ground meant this was a debris structure of some sort.

While I like D.L.'s attitude, Bigfoot does not used hunting blinds quite like this.  Only humans use these. I would expect Sasquatch to use something even more natural putting him within arm's length  of his quarry.

Bigfoot Vocalizations Need Re-Thinking

These reported vocalizations were posted on BigfootEvidence.

I cannot agree that this is Bigfoot making noise.  There is so much out there that makes noise. There is no way to know the noise does not belong to someone else.  Keep reading after the video and perhaps you'll see what I mean.

I believe this might be a bear. While I'm not sure of where this video was taken the sounds can be that of another animal. Animal sounds are not always like all the recorded sounds you can find on the internet or on TV. The Problem is that animals can make such a wide range of noises that it is impossible to tell what made the vocalization without seeing it or knowing a specific animal is or was in the area. As for Bigfoot making a sound?

Creatures that need to hide are not going to vocalize knowing there are humans in or around their territory. Most supposed Bigfoot vocalizations can easily be attributed to something else. The only time I believe one might vocalize is as a warning. I am not saying whether or not Bigfoot vocalize but it seems that an intelligent species bent on avoiding humans is not going to make a peep knowing that people are around.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Another pic for Sasquatch or Black Bear? This time from Minnesota.

I don't always see why it's a question at all.  The pic in question is a black bear for sure.

The shiny jet black fur is the first clue.  The fore legs and hind legs bend at the right place. While at first glance it looks like the legs are straight, that's not the case. The left hind leg is bent toward us so it's not clearly a bend at the joint at first sight.

The tips of the ears are also visible over the foliage.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Colorado Shelter? I'm Not Sure About This.

I saw this on  This shelter/structure that was made on a rock outcropping shows something or someone made it.  I think it was  a person.  Watch the video and see why after the vid.

When it gets to the entrance on the side I realized this had to be man made.  Judging by what we see, this is several years old.  A bigfoot is going to make a structure with an entrance that's hard for a man to get into?  I don't believe it at all. There are a lot of people that make things like this.  The person had some outdoors skills.  The location is excellent and the one log that is too heavy to move is probably retaining water in it's spongy state which is why it cannot be lifted.  It was likely dragged into position from a few feet away.  I can't see this as proof of bigfoot. There was no hair found inside, no tracks outside.  A fugitive might be to blame for lack of sign.  That's always a possibility.  There are many who run away from the law who have some outdoors skills and could survive for years out there. I'd love it myself but that's just because I've never been comfortable around people.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Is Pixellation to Blame for Movement in this Bigfoot video?

I found this on and it seemed sincere enough but the movement this guy is recording seems more like pixellation and camera movement causing it to me.

Sasquatch Speak?

The videographer claims this is a Sasquatch speaking.  I still  maintain it's someone with too much beer.