Friday, August 16, 2013

Amazing Superstructure By Bigfoot? I Have My Misgivings...

Here is a Youtube video posted by Kelly Shaw. I didn't bring this up to pick on Mr. Shaw but I'm not there and the only proof we have is the word of a tracker and nothing more than video on this. I do not doubt their honesty but I have to point out again there are some assumptions made. Since I have not received any other photos or video showing more details I can't say this is anything more than natural.

Watch the video then check me on my facts.

Here is what is wrong with what I am seeing as a professional tracker and woodsman:  These trees are in a storm damaged area where either there is not enough ground water, the stand was diseased, or time and wind caused this. There are a lot of fallen logs in the area indicating they had may have had affected root systems or extremely high winds. The ones that are in the structure show various levels of decay. That may be due to different species in the structure or it may be natural.  I'm thinking natural myself just for the other fallen logs in the location. Some of them appear from 8 to 10 years old while others as little as 3 to 5 years. Imagine a younger more vibrant tree with heavy foliage near the top in a high wind.  These will snap off like a twig.

While I am sure that Kelly has another opinion I would like to address the fact that once again there is too much information missing.  The area of the structure needs to be measured, a grid created on paper and the logs need to be re-drawn on that grid.  Yes a three dimensional grid. An over view or an under view and a side view as dictated by the measured grid lines.  The video itself needs to show us the side angle at the very least and the ends of the logs.  If there are any stumps nearby that fit the bill for those logs or the diameter, those should be shown as well.  If those stumps are out of your grid area by more then ten feet then another smaller overview should be drawn with stumps around it.  Ends of logs and stumps should be numbered on this to indicate location.

This sounds like a lot of work but it will be worth it to prove whether something extraordinary occurred or not.  Judging by the amount of fallen trees in the area along with the rate of decay on the structure I will have to say that this was natural until those other details come out. All of the dead wood in the area is the biggest clue.  If you are seeing this then you're likely seeing a natural structure.  Trees do not always fall in the same direction.  Only two need to cross in forest to start a structure like this.  Over time and with different wind directions these structures become more common.  I live in an area where this is quite common. I have spent most of the summer pulling down and cutting away manhy crossed fallen trees to keep the home safer

It should always be remembered that these should be considered unstable since they are deadfall. The weather may have them settled a bit giving it apparent strength but I wouldn't  be stepping underneath one. Eventually someone will get hurt by doing so I just hope it's not this crew.  Really I hope nobody gets hurt this way.  These can be deadly traps. Shaw's group is earnest in their desires and goals and might be successful but there needs to be a better understanding of the way nature works when we're not in the woods to see these made.  That is why I suggest diagramming. If done properly it can show beyond doubt that something unusual is taking place and that only extreme circumstances in nature will create structures like this.

Keep trying Kelly.  Good luck. We'll be waiting for more and watching.