Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Colorado Shelter? I'm Not Sure About This.

I saw this on  This shelter/structure that was made on a rock outcropping shows something or someone made it.  I think it was  a person.  Watch the video and see why after the vid.

When it gets to the entrance on the side I realized this had to be man made.  Judging by what we see, this is several years old.  A bigfoot is going to make a structure with an entrance that's hard for a man to get into?  I don't believe it at all. There are a lot of people that make things like this.  The person had some outdoors skills.  The location is excellent and the one log that is too heavy to move is probably retaining water in it's spongy state which is why it cannot be lifted.  It was likely dragged into position from a few feet away.  I can't see this as proof of bigfoot. There was no hair found inside, no tracks outside.  A fugitive might be to blame for lack of sign.  That's always a possibility.  There are many who run away from the law who have some outdoors skills and could survive for years out there. I'd love it myself but that's just because I've never been comfortable around people.