Sunday, April 29, 2012

Rules for Sasquatch Hunting

Rule #1: Respect the Territory.  Do not encroach on your target creature's territory at all. You are an amateur. You are not a professional and should maintain a respectful distance When a primate throws a rock, do not hunt for the primate.  You become a threat if you choose to look for him. He throws the rock as a deterrent, not as an invitation. Instead, see if you can find his territory by using his rock throwing to help you know it's boundaries.  Do not chase anything that throws a rock. The reality is that while you think they're playing games, you don't know that  for sure.  In, Animal Tool Behavior: The Use and Manufacture of Tools by Animals,  it was noted that a Throw Splash is a technique used by wild chimps when a group of chimps or humans crossed a canyon or boundary.  Adult males stood bipedally , lifted heavy rocks with both hands, aimed and threw them into the canyon splashing water below.  If Sasquatch are wild animals as most claim, they are as unpredictable as any bear or mountain lion. If they're playing games now, they might turn when they're hurt. Even if it is through no human fault.

Rule #2: Empty Nest Syndrome. See what you perceive as a nest?  Don't climb in it. You can get severely injured doing so. Chances are you'll climb into a bear or coyote den instead. This is especially dangerous in the Winter. You should avoid going anywhere within 100 yards of it.  200 if it's a bear or Sasquatch den.  Observe from a safe distance. Teach the animals you study about trust.  Even if you think it's a "Bigfoot nest", Sasquatch will always relocate after tearing it down and/or removing their trace. You also violate the forest as a whole in doing things like this. It causes upset in the general area and affects all animals.

Rule #3.  Dynamite Blasting: Call blasting may be a viable way to get creatures to answer in the wild but here's a truth you cannot escape:  You are blasting a language that you do not understand. Do Bigfoot call blasters know for a fact that the calls they send out are innocuous or harmless?  Did you issue a challenge at such a volume that any creature with common sense would run away?  Think about it. Could a creature consider a noise at higher volumes to be a larger creature that they should avoid? Are you blasting calls that imply a male or female mating call?  You don't know so you probably should not use the technique.  Only serious researchers who understand the animals they study and have studied the calls before should use this technique as they usually  know what sounds they are reproducing and what sounds to avoid. This is not for amateurs to use in hopes of getting a response. One of their calls resembles a low whistle. It has been equated to the whistle of a peacock.  Remember Indian tribes were taught not to whistle in the forest.  Only very few things make that noise.  Ever heard an injured bear?  They sound quite like purported Bigfoot screams.   Many recordings exist but half of those can be equated to coyotes and the other 40 percent would be bear.  Maybe ten percent are authentic.  This is just a rough estimate  based upon my experience.

Rule #4: Baiting the Big Man.  So you want to use food to bait Sasquatch?  Go ahead.   Please remember to  clean your hands before touching the food and do not breathe or cough on it. This is so Sasquatch's chance of contracting  any viruses/bacteria you may be carrying is lessened. Our own human history has taught us that isolated tribes contract disease from the outside world rather quickly.  Using your hands and not being safe could kill them with the  wrong germ. For bait, use nuts. Make it healthy.  If it has to be sweet, make sure it has honey for the sweetener. Granola bars and energy bars would be a good choice here. While they have sugar, they have other things like oats, nuts, honey, and of course, granola.

These are rules that should always be followed as they should be by anyone dealing with  any new species.  In order to gain access to Sasquatch we must build a relationship of trust and can only do so by being there every day.

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