Friday, May 11, 2012

Bigfoot Makes Tracks.

Tracks are not definitive proof of the existence of anything other than, "Something was there." Unless we have a frame of reference to work with,we cannot accept that any footprints are proof of anything currently existing.

However there are some facts related to the issue of tracks that cannot be ignored.  People pick up tracks with dermal ridges all over the world. This seems to indicate something somewhat human but much larger.  They all seem to have the mid-tarsal break as proposed by Dr. Jeffrey Meldrum, Department of Biological Sciences, Idaho State University.  Check out Dr. Meldrum's page, Evaluation of Alleged Sasquatch Footprints and their Inferred Functional Morphology. and  Midfoot Flexibility, Fossil Footprints, and Sasquatch Steps: New Perspectives on the Evolution of Bipedalism. See also: Sasquatch Footprints: Can Dermal Ridges be Faked?

Since a noted expert in his field is paying attention shouldn't we all be paying attention?  These tracks have been found all over the world and are similar in many ways. Some have three, four and five toes.  Due to quality, most show dermal ridges and all legitimate tracks exhibit the suggested mid-tarsal break. I have seen actual tracks before.  My own son asked me about the weird break in their step. Which I found myself explaining about the mid-tarsal break.

There are those that maintain tracks can be faked. While it is true that many tracks found can be held suspect due to the fact they can be faked.  I do not know of nor have I ever met a person in the wild faking footprints. They'd have to be carrying obvious equipment.  It seems absurd to think many can be faked.  I say that while it is possible, it is more than likely that is not the case. The tracks are made by very heavy creatures.  A     hammer applied to a wooden or fiberglass cast can  make an impression with enough pressure but it will not add depth to the track that is seen in the wild.