Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sending Hair for DNA Testing? Questions Abound!

The following video makes the assumption that this is Bigfoot hair. The problem here is that this barbed wire is there to keep animals in. Namely cows.

Now the video states there have been no cows in the area but now I have to ask. How old is this hair? It is also stated that there was another trail nearby.  Question: What trail?  For what?  Don't cattle use trails?  So the hair is also curly.  I have seen my own straight hair caught in barbed wire and it curls to the same degree.  One more thing, hair caught in more than one place will be cattle's hair after sticking it's head through the fence.

Without other immediate evidence this is a major assumption that I could not support.  Especially sending it in for DNA testing.  Unfortunately it will likely be found to be related to Bovidae taurus or may even be equine.