Thursday, August 1, 2013

Longest Bigfoot Trackway?

FB/FB team of Jack Barnes and Jeff Anderson, posted this video as the longest bigfoot trackway. The video was posted on June 30, 2013. 

They talk about side stepping but actually show us a cross step which runs perpendicular to the log. interesting they should not know this.

These prints were after a thaw and a refreeze followed by more snow. The thaw makes the tracks larger and wider. Have you ever seen tracks that have thawed in the snow? They usually look much larger. The stride was longer and they could not reproduce them because of the depth of the newer snow. The base of the tracks are smooth and filled with snow, rounded on the edges.  So we know it snowed since the tracks were laid. You can hear the ice crunching as they walk which indicates re-frozen snow. These guys are not trackers at all.  I've seen all this before and had they actually brushed more snow out of a few tracks they likely would have found frozen tread marks underneath. My guess is they knew it was a person's tracks and found "evidence" that would look believable on video. I'm calling this one a hoax. The actual "toes" in the tracks were from custom made snow shoes. Snow tracks are unreliable unless you know how to analyze them

As for the dead animals found on a ridge, Show us the proof instead of telling us about it.  It likely has nothing to do with keeping the location secure since there are such things as zoom lenses.  You can add portions of zoomed video to avoid showing landmarks. I'm not buying this at all. If you will notice this was not one continuous video but portions of video so there was not reason to exclude that proclaimed footage.