Sunday, August 4, 2013

Bart Custino and Justin Smeja find Trackway and Scat.

Here is a report by Rev. Jeff with Fringe News where Bart Custino and Justin Smeja claim to have found a track-way and some scat.

Because they have not provided any evidence of the track-way other than photos that show little detail and state the prints are smaller, they are likely looking at bear tracks. Because the photos provided show tracks moving uphill, it stands to reason that a bear will need a longer hind-step thus making what appears to be a bi-pedal track-way.

The scat on the other hand is identifiable. It looks somewhat like horse scat and is in a huge pile. The sample they have broken open shows maybe a beetle's carapace and ants in it but mostly we're looking at native plants. Smeja mentions wood but that is just thicker brush. So what creatures eat the brush in that area? There are two species and probably more in that area that do eat brush and scrub. They are not Bigfoot/Sasquatch. What they show us was a pile of elk dung and nothing more. Elk and deer do not often clean the insects off their food before eating it and they thrive on scrub and brush. I cannot believe Justin does not recognize this if he's had any outdoor experience at all.  If he does he is misleading us. Bigfoot is not that easy to find guys.

Note for Bart and Justin:  Give us more detail.  More proof, different angles on the photos and stop thinking all the dung out in the forest is from Bigfoot.  Find a professional tracker that knows this stuff because Justin, you are not it.