Friday, August 2, 2013

Pine Beds

This video post shows a pine bed but I'm betting it was by something as big as bigfoot but not Sasquatch.

Our intrepid searchers keep referring to "snap offs" which I'm taking to mean branches snapped off. It's interesting they should not know that elk with velvet fuzz on the antlers can reach pretty high and will tear branches out of trees easily. I have seen many trees with lower branches removed just like that because elk  remove the velvet that way by rubbing against tree branches.  Yes they sometimes leave piles of pine boughs underneath the tree.  It's not like they carry them around... unless they get stuck in the antlers of course.

I'm reserving my opinion on pine beds because most folks cannot recognize what they're looking at. Bigfoot are not creatures of comfort for the most part.  They are too nomadic to worry about it most of the time.