Monday, August 12, 2013 Posting MK Davis on Footprints in the Road

I just finished watching this video and found that MK Davis makes some sense with his analysis of the Footprints in the Road.

In-line stepping is not indicative of Bigfoot/Sasquatch.  There are many reasons one walks that way. As humans we are restricted to our visual perception.  The Footprints in the road photo shows footprints along side of the road near the edge.  Notice how they keep in the same width of area and how doing this will effectively give an in-line gait.  Walking near a line will do the same thing.  Try it yourself and you will likely see what I mean.

As MK points out in the other pic he shows, the footprints in the sand are affected by speed, purpose of stride, but he fails to mention the strength of push off when we push off with the trailing foot. This can essentially wipe out the heal print depending on the terrain/surface.

Try some experiments with walking and in-line stepping.  You will see the same things I do. I always considered this one piece of information as separating the professionals from the amateurs. Only an amateur would believe this since bigfoot and humans can balance themselves.  It's what they both do when they are not paying attention to their path that is far more telling.

Check out MK Davis on Footprints in the Road.

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