Saturday, August 3, 2013

Pareidolia and Bigfoot Searches

I just came across a video where something is seen running across the road ahead of a vehicle but the trouble is the poster has identified it as bigfoot after posting it on their website and followers apparently reported seeing the creature.

The youtube account owners are the folks at and I question the veracity of their enhancements. I'm not saying they are dishonest. They seem to be victims of pareidolia.  Watch the entire video and you'll see what I mean.  

Famous examples of Pareidolia:

This is explained in the video to be a large bi-ped creature but can be an elk or deer moving off the road as they have a tendency to avoid vehicles coming down forest service roads.  

This team has a tendency to post and have to re-examine the videos upon viewer comment.  They go back and slow it down, zoom in, and then "enhance" it.  I still don't see what they see.  The problem is that they are spreading the pareidolia so that they can prove their case. I'm sorry to say that while they are not necessarily dishonest I can't count on this crew to give us real video of Bigfoot.  After talking with Mitch Waite over the phone I found that wasn't worth my time. They have photos of multiple tracks but the only cast I know of is likely a bear's double-step. Their evidence is mostly photos and videos that do not really add to proof that Bigfoot exists. In addition they moderate comments on Youtube in what appears to me to be an attempt to block the naysayers. Research includes taking the good with the bad.

Click below. You'll see what I mean.