Thursday, August 15, 2013

Sasquatch Cannot Exist But New Species Can Be Discovered

With announcement of the Smithsonian discovery of the Olinguito most will realize how little we know of our world.
The announcement in the USA Today article, Smithsonian discovers rare new mammal species, states, "A Smithsonian zoologist announced Thursday the "spectacular" discovery of a new mammal species -- the olinguito -- a small member of the raccoon family that lives in the Andes."

While I realize that this species has been seen before it was not studied exclusively until 2006 when it was recognized as an unknown species. It was brought into zoo captivity for years prior to studying as olingo in hopes it would mate with other olingo.  Kris Helgen the curator of mammals at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History announced that there are four subspecies of the Olinguito.  In the same announcement he states, "The discovery of the olinguito shows us that the world is not yet completely explored, its most basic secrets not yet revealed,"

Most of us in the Sasquatch/Bigfoot research field understand this is not a rare case where science recognizes how little we know and understand of our own planet.  What is more common though is the ignorance of science to recognize this and the reverse pareidolia that science suffers from just due to general disbelief.  I say reverse pareidolia because some things seem so unbelievable that science dismisses them based not on real science but it's own disbelief without truly studying the evidence with a scientific eye.

While it is true that burden of proof is on the believer, scientists have been known to outright dismiss evidence based upon a short study of a piece of evidence.  Again it seems not worth their time so it is often proclaimed, "That is not possible." They often see what they want to see or expect to see and go no further than that.  Upon studying the Patterson-Gimlin film scientists will dismiss it as evidence without thoughts of authenticity because they expect to find lines or seams in a supposed suit.  Therefore it must be a suit.  

Skeptics point out sources of hearsay rather than actual evidence as proof that it is not real. They attempt to discredit the filmographer instead of the film.  They do not find any evidence other than the word of an author or supposed participant neither of which are necessarily an expert on authenticating films and hoaxes. Authors may however, be considered an expert at investigating facts or just presenting arguments.  We should all know and understand by now that investigations are often wrong especially if you do not do the work to fully understand and investigate the evidence presented.

In effect, disbelief is a form of belief that brings on it's own pareidolia. Seeing things that do not exist based upon one's belief or desires. I see this as the true schism in understanding that Sasquatch exist.

Come back in a few days for my response to the recent article on the Patterson-Giml