Monday, August 5, 2013

Bigfoot Vocalizations? Sounds like bored frat boys

I came across and post on presenting some vocalizations.  The first set sounds like and elk making noise and yes they do breathe that heavily when sniffing the air.  Elk also make noise when they are not concerned about being detected. They also enjoy peanut butter and berries (jam).  It's not out of order to believe this was an elk snorting and rooting around camp and nothing more.  The ground around their gifting tree should have been prepared for catching tracks and I find it suspicious that it wasn't.

In addition the vocalizations that were presented with a name sounded like someone burping out the words just like your drunken friends used to do. The pauses in syllables were the dead giveaway.  Here is the video so you can check for yourself:

While I cannot say this is Bigfoot, I can say some of it is animal.  The problem is which one? Elk or human?