Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Fringe News Sierra Investigation Wrap-up

I'm sorry to say that I cannot believe Justin at this point.  He does not know what kind of scat he is looking at.  He clearly does not understand what he is hearing and says he killed a Bigfoot but brings absolutely no proof home. He has bear blood on his boots and a bear tag that was not filled out. Where I live it's called poaching.

There are too many negatives to waste any more time on this man.  He has not provided any real physical evidence and has shown me that he is not a tracker based upon what he has shown.  Evidence is indisputable Justin.  You can't just sit around and say this happened or that happened.  I want to hear your vocalizations.  I want to see that rock flying. I want to hear the activity around you at night when you were escorted from the territory.  I don't think you can provide this so good luck in the future.

Here is the last of his videos I will be posting unless he gets indisputable evidence.