Sunday, August 4, 2013

Tree Structures by Bigfoot?

I have seen a lot of these and I have to say that Old Growth forests have odd tree falls. The partial explanation of the larger tree structure is almost correct.  The fact is that trees will fall in many ways out there.  Most of those trees are ready to fall.  In fact my own back yard has a couple I pushed over myself just to show my nephew the danger of walking in old growth forests.  The main "structure" was devoid of bark.  Well porcupines will strip bark off of trees for whatever they can get and these older trees that are ready to fall are perfect for feeding on insects.As a matter of fact, this causes trees to die. The third structure at the base of the tree looks like deadfall to me. The proximity to a creek also gives rise to dead roots and in fact small animals burrowing beneath.  After all if you were a small animal wouldn't you want to be near your water source?  Hell! We live with water in our houses so I guess you would.

I cannot speak to the smaller stick structure as I did not personally have a chance to examine the ends and the tree it was found beneath. I can say with some certainty it was made by something but how these came together is the real question.  This is not proof of Bigfoot. It is proof that something or someone passed by and created it or it randomly fell that way.  Judging by the forked sticks I think it fell.

The problem with this video is they give us nothing to compare it to.  We do not see the pieces lying over each other, we do not see the ends as to whether there is a stump nearby. We do not see the lack of bark and possible insect trails on the logs so showing us this video is not proof. Did anybody draw it out for a better description?  No.

You can decide whatever you like but I'm going with nature on this.